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Carly Susman

Art Director & Illustrator based in NYC

Hi! I'm Carly. I "wasted too much time" on the computer as a kid, and now I’m an Art Director at SBA where I work on projects for clients including American Express, Switzerland Tourism and Sector SPDRs.

While earning my BA in Fine Arts, I took 3 years of elective biology and chemistry courses. I also spent a year teaching English at 4 public schools in Japan. My artistic talent, along with my scientific knowledge and empathetic communication skills, make me great at translating complex ideas into easily understood concepts.

In my free time, I'm usually drinking bubble tea, reading about death culture, playing Overwatch, or figure skating .

I’m currently available to hire for freelance art direction and illustration work including, but not limited to, custom portraits, scientific drawings and work to compliment your writing or presentations. I'd love to discuss what you're working on and how I can create the perfect pieces to boost your project and communicate your values.

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Whatever you want- let's talk!

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