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Switzerland Tourism: Find Your WOW

Art Direction: branding, digital and media in collaboration with SBA, 2019

SBA collaborated with Switzerland Tourism to help them showcase the very best “WOW-moments” that Switzerland has to offer. To drive engagement, we developed an itinerary-builder for users to interact with. Users could choose from 20 different activities to add to their custom 6-day, 5-city itinerary, while learning about various regions and methods of transportation within Switzerland. At the end of the experience, each user was presented with their final custom itinerary and given the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes to win it.

Role: Art Director, UX/UI Designer
Tools: Adobe XD, Photoshop

Platform: Desktop, Mobile

You can view the live site here on both desktop and mobile.

Role and Responsibilities

As an art director on this project, I was responsible for developing the interface from wireframes to high fidelity mockups for both the web and mobile campaign experiences.



We workshopped a visual direction, highlighting the beautiful imagery provided to us by the campaign partners. We also translated these into digital advertisements that would direct uses to our webpage. Next we sketched out potential layouts and once refined, pulled them into Adobe XD to create wireframes and then ultimately into high fidelity mockups. 

We regularly checked in with the client during the design process and before moving into development.


Including all the partners' information and imagery in a way that didn't overwhelm users and drive them away was the biggest challenge. We had to include 20 activities!

Eventually we settled on nesting the information among easy to click through tabs so that users weren't bombarded with the content all at once.



Over the two-month campaign, nearly 46,000 unique users clicked through the entire journey, planned their individual itineraries, and entered to win a trip. It was Switzerland Tourism’s most successful campaign of 2018.

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