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Manage Users

Product Design for NDA

I lead the design of the experience of manage user permissions on an invite only application. The feature needed to include the option to invite a user as well as managing the waitlist.

The marketing page's purpose is to convert users into subscribers. Working closely with the art director, we developed a visual language and direction that felt fresh and enticing to people outside of The Atlantic's current reader base.

Role: UX Designer, implementation
Tools: Figma

Platform: Desktop, Mobile



The goal was to convert users to subscribers of The Atlantic by creating paid social ads for Facebook and Instagram that drive users to an engaging landing page. The campaign aimed to attract a younger demographic of readers.

our approach

The landing page is meant to to inform users and drive them to click the links which need to be accessible without being in their face. We wanted the user to be able to learn more about the publication while still being led down the funnel.

Designing around the theme of "insight," we split the page into 4 sections: a visually stunning header combined with impactful copy, features of The Atlantic, benefits of subscribing, and a summary.

Each section includes a button linking to a page where users can subscribe.


The biggest challenge was how to break up the 

final designs

The Art Director and I worked together to make sure that we could bring our designs to life despite technical difficulties-

and we succeeded!

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